Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goodbye January.

It is hard to believe that January of 2013 is just about over...

This month has been full of mountains and valleys, blessings and testings, but always full of the Lord's faithfulness. Here's a little insight..

The most exciting news of the month is that my clinic fees for this Spring are COMPLETELY covered! I am so thankful to all of you who donated and prayed and BELIEVED that God's faithfulness would shine through. It overwhelms me heart to be able to stay here and continue ministering to these moms and families--I love it so much! Thank you!

Also in January, I've had some 'adventures' with my 2 continuity patients..

First is Abby. She was due to deliver her baby at our clinic this month. Throughout her pregnancy, she had quite the number of complications, requiring a lot of care and encouragement. I loved getting to see her quite frequently. When she texted me at 6am this past Tuesday that her pain was intense and frequent, I met her at the clinic to assess her progress. She was in a lot of pain, appearing to be really active and almost ready to deliver. Yet, when I checked, she was only 2cm dilated (10 cm is fully dilated). I sent her back home, with instructions on when to return. I went to the market, did some work around the house, and headed to the clinic at 1pm. As I was doing a check-up for one of my patients, Abby called me, and informed me she was on her way back to the clinic because she was ready to deliver. She came in not much longer and drudged to a bed. I encouraged her to lay down, breathe, and relax. (She had been having high blood pressure the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy, and I wanted to prevent that as much a possible.) I checked her dilation again, and she was 5cm! Much more active and closer to giving birth. The problem was her blood pressure. It was high and after 20 minutes and checking it again, it had elevated more. Because of the risks maternal hypertension presents with birth, we don't attempt deliveries for those cases at our clinic. I was SO bummed to have to tell Abby she would be transported to the local hospital for delivery there. We inserted an IV, I prepared transport papers, and we took her to the hospital. I knew it was best for her heath and the baby's, but I so badly wanted to help her through her birth. She did text me early the next morning saying she had had a Cesarian late the previous night and gave birth to her first child--a baby boy. :) I am planning to visit her in the hospital this week.

Second is Love-love. Her story is just as interesting. Wednesday morning, I got an early text from the clinic saying my cont patient was back. I was SO confused, because I had transported Abby to the hospital just 12 hours ago. I only have 2 conts and my other one (Love-love) wasn't due until the second week of March. I hurriedly got ready and got another text from the clinic saying it was indeed Love-love. She was only 33 weeks along. Surely she wasn't really in labor!? By the time I got the clinic, the ambulance had just returned from transporting her to the hospital for pre-term labor. Supposedly she was indeed in active labor. I haven't talked to her to find out what happened with her and her baby, despite attempts to contact her.

Needless to say, my adventures with continuity patients has been interesting, both ending with bummers. As a first year here, we aren't required to take continuity patients, but I really love that aspect of relational care and took the 2 as my own choice. I'm thankful that we were able to transport them both for their risks, though. Hopefully situations with my conts in the future will allow me to actually help deliver their babies. :)

The experience here is incomparable. And if I haven't said it enough, I LOVE IT HERE. Glory to God for this opportunity and for people who support me here. I am a happy girl.

Until next time,

Midwife Brittany

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