Thursday, July 25, 2013

babies & mommas & pictures.

Here's the financial scoop as of today:
       I am at needing 71 more donations of $20 to continue learning and serving here in the Philippines. It is exactly one week until the clinic fees are due on August 1st. Would you pray about partnering with me? Thank you for those who faithfully read, support, pray, and encourage me!

Continutity patient update:
     I have two more 'conts' who are term right now--Amy and Grace. Continue to lift them up in prayer. They are both pregnant with their second baby and could deliver any moment now. I will be sure to post their birth stories soon after!
     My patient, Jessica, who I wrote about just a few days ago came in for a baby check-up yesterday. See the pictures below!

Jessica (19 years old), baby boy Jessriel, and me!

He looks so silly, but so so cute!!

Sleeping in my lap...

        Sometimes I forget just how precious mommas and babies are. Below are a few more recent pictures of a patient I took care of in postpartum yesterday. I was not the handling midwife in her birth, but took care of her and her baby until they went home. The momma's name is Laida. She is Badjao patient from the outreach I volunteer with at Isla Verde. (Look back at my previous blog post called On the topic of badjaos and generosity (<--click there) to learn more about the Badjao people.) I remember months and months ago doing Laida's intial prenatal, so I was overjoyed to receive her in postpartum yesterday. I always love interacting with the Badjao people, even when our languages and cultures are so so so different (They don't speak Visayan, the language I am learning here.)

Laida and her baby boy..

They named him Daniel.

so cute!
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do--Aren't these babies and moms so beautiful? Once again, I am so thankful for the plan God has set out before me. I would never be experiencing this all with having first known Him. Tis sweet to know and trust in Jesus!
      Oh and a special thanks to Sandra Norvell and her Sunday School class at Bartlett Baptist Church for knitting the hats and sewing the blankets both babies have in the pictures! It is always such a joy to give those to the moms!

--Midwife Brittany

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