Friday, January 10, 2014

literally stepping out of the boat.

Midwifery partnerships to meet needs physically and spiritually. That is what it is all about.

Those of you who keep up with my adventures may remember my trip to Cambodia this past September. What an eye-opening trip! Spiritual darkness like I have never seen before, women so far removed from understanding their bodies and how/what it means to give birth, young babies and children dying because of traditional practices that put their babies at risk. My heart was challenged and changed.

Vonn and I continue to pray for the country of Cambodia, not knowing if one day God will call us to serve there. My experience there was used to continue to kindle the fire in my heart for the NEED and the DESPERATION. And also reminded me of the vital role a midwife plays on the foreign mission field.

Below is a link to a video a teammate of mine made of our experience in September. Thank you to those who made it financially possible for me to go. Thanks to those who stood faithful in prayer to bind back the enemy in spiritual battle. Our organization continues to send girls there for further ministry.

As an end of week update, I am at still needing $3, 675 by February 1st to finish up my last semester here in the Philippines--that equals out to 147 more donations of $25. Donate via the link to the left of this post.

Thanks for standing with me and trusting. I'm am beyond thrilled to use what I have learned here for the rest of my life!

Midwife Brittany

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