Thursday, September 4, 2014

The last weeks in pictures.

I'm writing this post from Memphis. After over 2 years, 77 babies, an engagement, and completely leaving my heart in the Philippines, I am home. Because mostly all words and emotions escape me as of now, here is a look at the past few weeks.

All I have to say is to God be the glory--May His name be glorified in seasons past and present. Thank you for being apart of what He has been doing in my heart!

This is me, Grace, and her family. Baby girl Cheska was born last August and now, a year later, we are celebrating her first birthday! I was privileged to be called 'ninang' to Cheska, a godmother for this sweet baby girl. :)

This is Shiela and her family. The little baby boy was born in August, just a few weeks before I returned to the states. The little girl in the picture is Axcell Rose, born in April of 2013. I was blessed to not only serve this momma once, but two times now, as her midwife. So grateful for the blessing of caring for this family. Click HERE for this continuity story!

Almost one and a half years old! :)
Vonn and I in Manila, down by the ocean. This was just days before his fiancé visa was APPROVED by the U.S. Embassy in Manila. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us in our relationship. We are looking forward to the future, Vonn coming to the states, and a wedding! :)
Sweet Maricel and her family. The baby sitting in her lap is her second child that was born March 2014--baby girl Brittany. I made a visit to their home a few days before leaving the Philippines!

My last full night in the Philippines. Eating dinner and playing Scrabble with my besties. What a fun way to end my time there. Blessed by each one of these girls and love them so much! (And Jamie, too--who was taking the picture!)

Arrival in the U.S. at Memphis International. Suzanna, me, and Alex--all siblings together again! And my crying momma taking the picture!

Karah, me, and Veronica! (Missing Jessi!) Happy to see my best friends and so glad to have them after two years away!

        Adjusting to cold A/C, loving warm showers and washing machines! Looking forward to catching up with family and friends this weekend. Missing the Phils, but happy to be home. Midwifery exam in the next few weeks. Consistent, never-changing God.

Until next time,


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  1. Hi Brit! Thanks for posting our pic! I miss you and God bless you always! :)