Sunday, July 7, 2013

July--week 1. Financial Update

     Getting back into the swing of things at the clinic has been so wonderful. I'm thankful that God gives me a happy heart to be serving where I am. I was happy happy happy in the bukid (mountains--rural areas), but I am equally as happy happy happy to be here in the city, loving on mommas and babies.

     I have worked prenatals and 2 birthroom shifts since being back, saw 6 of my continuity patients in prenatals (a few to give birth this month!) and caught a baby boy just earlier this morning! I'm glad that even after my month of being in the bukid, the birthing skills I have learned just came right back when I needed them! Oh and even some new skills are getting put to the test (like the 3 IVs I have started!) So yeah, loving that I am learning, loving that I get to help in a different way by praying for the teams still serving in Butuan, and happy in my heart because it is a blessing to be in the season I am in.

     As the first week of July has wrapped up, I wanted to give a financial update. For the "$20--200 people challenge," I am at needing 160 more donations of $20 to continue to the second of my two years here serving in the Philippines. There are three weeks left until the deadline for my clinic fees (by August 1).

     As a reminder, those of you who are interested in supporting can look at the top-left side of this page and click DONATE to give through Paypal.  Please also feel free to look around my blog, especially for newer readers. There are various posts describing the ministry I am involved in and the experiences I have had this past year.

     During my Bible reading this week, I was encouraged by the story of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead. Jesus knew that he was sick, yet for whatever reason, waited a few days until He went to him. By the time Jesus arrives, Lazarus has died, and people were mourning his death. Jesus weeps, is moved emotionally because He loves His people so much. Then, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. Many people put their faith in Christ because of this miracle. --John 11 What is equally as neat is that even in the next chapter, John 12, the crowd that witnessed the miracle was spreading news about Christ and more and more were following Christ.

     Even though God, through Jesus, decided to wait to heal Lazarus, by raising him from the dead, he was very much in control and used His timing (though beyond what was understood in human terms) to draw people to Himself!

May God use His own timing in our lives to draw people to Himself!

 -Midwife Brittany

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