Saturday, July 13, 2013

July--week 2. Financial Update.

     The second week of July is over. This week was full and productive, as I managed to complete a lot of my current assignment, along with having shifts at the clinic. I also have gotten the time to hang out with some friends visiting the city and am expecting the Nehemiah Teams I helped with in June to visit Davao for a few days this week!

     As the second week is over, so is half the month of July. Two more weeks are left until my clinic fees are due. As an update to those of you who read, support, and pray--I am now at needing 140 more donations of $20 by August 1. Several of you gave and encouraged me throughout this last week! Thank you!

     An update from the clinic: My continuity patients that are term now have yet to deliver. Continue to keep all my patients in your prayers, but especially Jessica and Amy as they each are expecting a new baby anytime now. Pray that they would be able to deliver normally at our clinic and that I am able to be there, helping them and encouraging them through their labor and delivery. "And pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel." --Ephesians 6:19
     Also, below are pictures of baby boy Raven and momma Rachel. Raven was born on July 7th and was a special gift to his mom, as it was her birthday on the 7th as well. It was so fun getting to be Rachel's midwife. I look forward to seeing her and her baby at all their check-ups.

     I know God always keeps me on my toes, stretching my faith and teaching me to patiently and earnestly trust Him for each and every one of my needs. I am thankful I get to trust Him. It is much cooler and such a privilege and blessing to watch the Lord provide instead of me trying to aimlessly work to do it on my own. I am learning a lot in this season--much more than just how to care for women and their babies, but also how to trust in the Lord. I am excited for how He plans to use all the things I am learning in the future!

     Thanks again for reading and supporting and encouraging me! Remember if you want to help me financially to continue my second and final year here in the Philippines helping mommas and babies while I learn, you can do so by donating via the "Donate" Paypal link to the top left of my blog.

To God be the glory for what He has already provided and for what I know He intends to do in the next two weeks.


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